Drank 5 glasses of beer there.

Forgot all the ideas that I was doing just before the party.

(Resolving deadlocks and starvations)


Cannot continue the work after the party .. OTL..

All the data in my memory is gone.. and cannot retrive data from my harddrive(long-term memory)... :(

I may need to start drinking 'frequently' to re-establish acoholic resistance level!

- Let's take a note about those small fragments of ideas... so that I can recover
faster tomorrow.

* Locking deadlocks resolved (those with TryLock bugs)
* UAVs seem to converge to the SAME target during an auction session.
* Modified set<> to gather best/secondBest into two seperated variables. This
modification made the followed problem. But the original one had a problem that
it didn't actually choose the best one.
* This may because of incompatibility between the new one and the old one(supporting
module). OR it can be because of the increment (for filling the requirement.)

* Let other members to check these behaviors in ss_case.


- 꺄울! 교수님 다이어트 시작!

아니 교수님이 뺄 살이 어디 있으시다고. 글고 명주야 네가 나이를 먹는 거다. :)
그게.. 교수님이.. 저한테 자극받으셨나봐요..
아직 멀었다고.. 계속 fit하게 하려고 work out하고 있다고 했더니..
뭔가 생각하시더니.. 교수님도 하려고 몇번씩 해도 계속 실패했었는데, 한번 제대로 해봐야지..
하셨었거든요.. 근데.. 파티날.... 왠걸...
칼로리 조절해야 한다고.. 그 좋아하시는 시금치-호박 피자를 절제하시는 모습을.. ㅎㅎ

왠지 요즘 술 좀 마시면 바로 헤롱대는게..
어쩌면 경제적으로는 좋은걸지도.... ^^;